1 dicembre 2013

Meet Bonnie

I haven't been able to update the blog, but I have some health issue that is bothering me and because of this I'm very very in late in introducing you to…Bonnieeee!!!
Pepperepeppeppèèèè! (this is the sound of the trumpet in Italy)


This is the trailer of the new game I worked on. Concept and half of the scene by me, the other half, editing and the choice of the (horrible, horrible) music by my super talented colleague Giacomo.

The game is called "Archaeologist-Ice age" and it's the sequel of "Archaeologist-Jurassic life" that featured Bonnie's husband. If you have children, you can download it here

Following some of the studies for the Bonnie that we choose. I'll post some other studies in the future, along with some of the dinosaurs! Uuuuuuhuuuuuh!

Alla prossima!

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