23 settembre 2013

Buildings and backgrounds

I don't really know where to start with this post, sooo I guess I'll just start from the most recent drawings to go to the oldest.
As the title says, we're talking about buildings and backgrounds.

These are a couple of shacks that are always fun do draw. I did these during my holidays using grey markers, then I added the colors digitally.

My first task in the new studio I'm working for was to add characters and backgrounds to an old game they produced an year or two ago. I also had to modify and integrate the UI that is soooo out of my comfort zone. Anyway, I'm not that displeased with the result, considering that it was the first time I did that.
But, back to business, these are the two backgrounds for the new levels I did. To match the rest of the game I had to keep it very simple, as it is meant to be for children. It's all vectorial art as you see, not my favorite, but I'm getting used it.
I'll show some of the characters in some future post.
If you have kids, this is the link where you can download it: https://itunes.apple.com/it/app/id531349481?ls=1&mt=8

These are a background and buildings that I did an year ago for the Level Rewind game company. As the game hasn't be released yet, I'm showing only these images because they're already available on the Facebook page of the studio. 
This has been a real pain for me, in the beginning I didn't understand exactly my employer's vision. So at first I created an environment with the three buildings that you see above, but it didn't convince because I wanted to have a certain fluidity being the game a running game. So, as the main idea was to have a red carpet...I just did it. I have to say that I still like it...very weird considering that usually I get bored of my own drawing after one or two days.
I saw that in the process it has been strongly modified, as the characters, so I'm very curious to see the final result!

I remembered I still have the studies for the color scheme of this background:

For today, that's all folks!