18 agosto 2013

Friendly post

This is the proof of what a bad friend and person I am. Years and years ago my Super BFF in the all World was watching with me Kei Phillips illustrations and she said "Oh, I would like a pin-up portrait with this style".
And of course I said...

Back at that time I didn't know how to use vectors, I was super busy and I didn't find the time to finish a drawing. But I had the challenge, so year after year I kept on working a little bit on it. 
And this is the result.

Not very happy with the bkg of the first one, I'll maybe reconsider one of the hundred options I rejected.
And, yes, the expressions are a little different. The original one was the vintage one, but after closing that file, I wondered why she looked so sad and I changed it a little bit in the color version.

This, instead, is a quick one I did this week to play around a bit with Isabella, who got herself stuck in one of those useless fb debates. 

As the main theme of this post is friends, this is another one I did some months ago for a friend of mine who had a baby.

I guess it's enough!

8 agosto 2013


Soooooo, I haven't been posting for a while, but it's super hot and it's hard been in front of the computer. And well, I've been busy...doing stuff (and things XD)... like this.

Finally tonight, I was ready to work a lot and, instead, that's what I found myself doing 

I swear this mosquito is crazy. It keeps flying around me changing direction continuously without a purpose. Sting me and go the fuck away!