22 luglio 2013

19 luglio 2013

Working day

Posting live from work. I shouldn't do this right now. I should work on a new game. But these are my conditions.

I think I lost the right eye. It's weeping since this morning and I see everything blurred. Goodbye right side of the world, it was nice seeing you.

1 luglio 2013


Another post dedicated to my beloved Pinterest boards. It's time for a new board, also to celebrate the 100 followers I reached this week. 
So, what's better than vikings? I've been for some months between them during the winter;

Viking crossing the street I saw on my first day in Copenhagen.

there has been the TV series on History with this hot guy

who I remember since my childhood. Thanks God, aging he has become much more "maschio", as we say in italian. I still have some concern about his voice and his acting... but this blog is not the place to talk about that :D

So may Thor be with you all! 
If you're on Pinterest, don't forget to check out the Vikings board!