18 maggio 2014

Lùmina fan art

For the first time I decided (and I found the time) to enter the Trinquétte contest on Fb. This week the theme was an homage to a project that I've been waiting to be finished for, at least, an year and it's called Lùmina. The authors are running an Indiegogo campaign, if you can, pledge! I want this comic so bad!!!

Anyway, this is my entry: 

To have a little fun I decided to go less cartoonish than my usual style and to keep both the drawing and the coloring more comic-like. As usual I'm not completely happy with the result, but at least I had some fun.

These are some sketches. I really couldn't decide which pose to chose, so I draw them all XD Crazy me! Well, it took me only some minute per pose….and then like an hour of complete indecision! The three finalist were:

That's it for today!
Baci  e abbracci!

10 maggio 2014

Ahr ahr ahr!

Dear blog,
once again we have been kept apart. In the next post I'll explain why. Now, I'll just update you with some ahr ahr ahr ahrt I did for 1000 Pirates.

I'll be back soon!
Baci e abbracci!