16 febbraio 2014


…is the monster that hunts tennis players and spreads the disease commonly called "tennis elbow". 
Well, guess what tennis players, I'm now renaming this disease "drawer elbow", 'cause I don't want to explain every time that, no, I don't play tennis, but I draw. And, yes, it's a real job, it's very consuming and it can lead to diseases. 

All, this to say that I have been stuck with my personal work in the last 3 months because of the pain and I didn't even feel of updating the blog. I kept on working only on the studio's projects while doing physiotherapy and this is the result: 

This job is becoming harder and harder!

At the studio, I've been working very hard despite the pain and soon the new game I worked on before Christmas will be released, and I'll be able to show you some of the images.
Let's just say that there will be a lot of feathers and twitters and…you got it!
As I'm not posting since months, I'll add to this hints an old test I did for the studio, almost an year  ago. It's not my favorite things in the world, but it was the second time, I think, I was trying to color in a vectorial style and the result is definitely not brilliant, even if I still like his expression :D

I'll be back soon!
Baci e abbracci!