16 novembre 2013

Update to Drawtober-Inktober

I've been so busy lately that I haven't found the time to update the blog. In the next days I'll post a lot cause there are a lot of news.
October has been a very very tiring and busy month, so I haven't been able to attend the Inktober and Drawtober initiatives with regularity. Especially the second half of the month.

Here is what I've done




The main theme seems to be…chicks and aliens. I wonder if there's some reason (except the Drawtober specifications). 

Actually there's one more ink sketch, but  I don't find the file (when I'm so tired, I become also messy), so you can  see it on my Tumblr, that I'm still not using a lot. I don't care if Blogspot is not modern anymore and the new trend is Tumblr. I'm old. I like Blogspot. 

I'll be back very soon, soooo...
baci baci!

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