27 dicembre 2014

Revival Christmas

Merry Christmas everybody (in late) and a happy New Year (in time!).

This past couple of months I've done anything else than working working working. And I'm actually going to continue during these vacations. I'm in the middle of moving to my new house and this hasn't left me a minute to update the blog. So I'm still in the revival mood, this sketch in fact is two years old. I did the original sketch sitting on a cosy couch with amazing people watching…I don't remember what (maybe "A Christmas Carol") in the snowy Viborg, Denmark. Still missing a bit that winter (even if right before Christmas I fell and broke my face…not missing that at all!!!).
This is the original pencil sketch:

I hope I'll be able to update the blog with some of the stuff I did this year in the following days, I'll be without a internet connection in the new house so we'll see!

Christmassy baci e abbracci!

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