18 maggio 2014

Lùmina fan art

For the first time I decided (and I found the time) to enter the Trinquétte contest on Fb. This week the theme was an homage to a project that I've been waiting to be finished for, at least, an year and it's called Lùmina. The authors are running an Indiegogo campaign, if you can, pledge! I want this comic so bad!!!

Anyway, this is my entry: 

To have a little fun I decided to go less cartoonish than my usual style and to keep both the drawing and the coloring more comic-like. As usual I'm not completely happy with the result, but at least I had some fun.

These are some sketches. I really couldn't decide which pose to chose, so I draw them all XD Crazy me! Well, it took me only some minute per pose….and then like an hour of complete indecision! The three finalist were:

That's it for today!
Baci  e abbracci!

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