3 marzo 2013

Little Red Riding Hood (and never-ending delirium)

So, here we go with the first official post! As this blog is meant to be a place where to show my stuff, before writing something long and boring (which I'll do anyway), let's go with an illustration I finished last night. It's an experiment.

Now that the blog has been inaugurated, I hope the thought of having it, will encourage me to show more of the things I do. That after all is the purpose of having the blog. As usually I show only the finished stuff (and for me it's super hard to finish anything), I finally have the chance to post here the thousand of sketches that I do without a purpose. 
And to say truth I love so much to watch other people blogs (I could do it as a job. For real. I could spend hours and hours watching artists blogs. Actually I do... Does somebody wants to hire me to watch his blog?), that I wanted to have my own since a loooong time. But I really never had the time to manage it, so, now that you're open my dear blog, I'll take care of you! XD

Enough with the rambling speeches (that I wrote in english so that eeeeverybody can see how idiot I am), I just want to specify something about the name of the blog. All of you know the Lesley Gore's song that inspired this title. 

This one (if you don't):

Well, yeah, this is the main theme of the blog soundtrack. It will set the mood when I'll find the time to work on the layout. 
I'm crazy? Yeah, whatever...

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